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N Series Planetary Gear Reducer

2024-04-11 17:06:00

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Introduction :

N series Planetary Reducers are widely used in various industrial transmissions, such as ships, port equipment, metallurgy, mining, engineering machinery, etc. This product is designed based on modern design theory and is simpler, more economical and smaller than traditional reducers. There are a variety of connection forms and output forms to choose from, which can be matched with motors, hydraulic motors, etc. The low-speed shaft is equipped with heavy-load bearings, which is especially suitable for applications with heavy impact loads.

Advantage :

1. Flange installation, strong impact resistance.

2. Heavy-duty bearing is selected for output shaft, spline or gear is optional for output shaft.

3. Motor model: optional IEC motor, and optional encoder, brake.

4. Optional hydraulic motor input, and optional hydraulic brake.

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