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P Series Planetary Gear Reducer

2024-04-11 17:04:00

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Introduction :

The Planetary Gear Reducer adopts involute planetary gear transmission, and the internal control adopts internal and external meshing and power distribution.

All gears are carburized and quenched to obtain a high hardness wear surface.After the gears are heat-treated, all the teeth are set back, which reduces the noise and improves the efficiency and service life of the whole machine.

Advantage :

1. P series planetary gear reducer adopts involute planetary gear transmission, rational use of internal and external gears and power distribution.Therefore, it is characterized by light weight, small size and wide transmission ratio range.

Large size, high efficiency, stable operation, low noise, strong adaptability, etc.

2. The box is made of spherical plastic cast iron, which greatly improves the rigidity and impact resistance of the box.

3. Input mode: concentric shaft input, helical gear input, bevel gear, helical gear input, bevel gear input.

4. Output mode: internal spline type, hollow shaft shrink disc type, external spline type, solid flat key.

5. Installation form: horizontal installation, vertical installation, torque arm installation.

6. Modular design; can be replaced according to customer requirements.

7. Combine R and K series for greater speed ratio.

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